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Photo Gallery About the Western Ghats The hill ranges of the Western Ghats, a global biodiversity hotspot, extend along the west coast of India from the river Tapti in the north to the southern tip of India.

Wester ghays

How did the Western Ghats form? The Western Ghats are a major physiographic region of India. The temporal and geological dimensions of the Western Ghats make it a significant study world over.

The Western Ghats run parallel to the west coast of India for about kms in north south direction from Tapi to Cape Camorin.

WESTERN GHATS TOURISM Ten Year's Acquaintance with Alaska: They have struck crested eagle flew from the dreary length thus far oiucc, and only once.
Never miss a story Geography[ edit ] The Eastern Ghats are older than the Western Ghats, and have a complex geologic history related to the assembly and breakup of the ancient supercontinent of Rodinia and the assembly of the Gondwana supercontinent.
The Hays Daily News: Local News, Politics, Entertainment & Sports in Hays, KS The Sahyadhri range consists of numerous hill stations like MatheranMahabaleshwarPanchgani and Amboli ghat. The area of the Western Ghats is ecologically sensitive and was declared an ecological hotspot in
Sign up for daily e-mails Thangaraj Panner Selvam, Forest Ranger, Ulandy Range, Topslip Outstanding Universal Value Brief synthesis The Western Ghats are internationally recognized as a region of immense global importance for the conservation of biological diversity, besides containing areas of high geological, cultural and aesthetic values. Older than the great Himalayan mountain chain, the Western Ghats of India are a geomorphic feature of immense global importance.

The region has immense global importance for the conservation of biological diversity, besides containing areas of high geological, cultural and aesthetic values. In term of geological age, the Western Ghats are considered to be older than the Himalayas.

About million years ago the peninsular India broke away from the ancient landmass Gondwanaland and set on towards the north. The northward drift took about million years and finally the peninsula collided with the Asian mainland some 45 million years ago. When the peninsula drifted over the present day Reunion islands an island in Indian Ocean east of Madagascar a localized volcanic zone, major geological transformation took place.

It moved up in this drift and the heat beneath the generated basaltic magma rose upward causing uplift by crustal arching. It was this geological event that took place about million years ago gave rise the Western Ghats and the Indian plate was inclined in easterly direction.

Afterwards, following a series of volcanic eruption for million years gave rise to the extensive Deccan Traps and thereby moulded the Northern Western Ghats to a large extent. Since the Western Ghats are result of upliftment the underlying rocks are ancient.

As an immeasurable treasure of oldest rocks and varied minerals, Western Ghats hold a great importance in the economic development of India.

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Wester ghays

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