Sbu business plan

Strategic Business Unit SBU implies an independently managed division of a large company, having its own vision, mission and objectives, whose planning is done separately from other businesses of the company. The vision, mission and objectives of the division are both distinct from the parent enterprise and elemental to the long-term performance of the enterprise. Simply put, an SBU is a cluster of associated businesses which are responsible for its combined planning treatment, i.

Sbu business plan

Definition of 'Strategic Business Unit'

Business Plan Summary 1. To maintain and consolidate the turnover 1. To maintain a fully qualified workforce that meets requirements of the business 2. To expand into new markets in a planned manner beyond core business activity in the year 3.

sbu business plan

Business Plan Summary 4. To continually develop the use of technology allowing the company to expand into e-commerce markets 4.

Strategic planning process within business units

T Training making sure that all managers are computer literate in their required areas. To retain our status as a regional market leader in a specialist market field whilst maintaining and developing a professional image and reputation 5. Communicate feedback from clients to employees to show them their perception of the company and its workforce.

The company aims to provide a service to our clients which satisfies their needs and requirements. Introduce 1 new client per year to the business Undertake a client satisfaction survey with all key customers, taking appropriate action if any dissatisfaction is apparent.

The sbu business plan aims to ensure compliance with all laws, directives and regulations which are applicable to the business. The company aims to ensure that safe and appropriate working conditions are provided for the workforce.

The company at present is developing the electrical and mechanical and civil engineering departments with key appointments required to satisfy the growing market trend. The building and maintenance departments are very competitive areas that will require a detailed approach to satisfy client needs with the potential to be rewarding to our business should the sale of client assets be continued.

All three markets are very different, however adaptations in the market can affect and influence them all. Political issues Change Of Government — Changes in Government spending would have an effect on the market and therefore to reduce vulnerability the company needs to secure a further maintenance contract with another company away from the water industry domain.

Working Time Directives — To ensure that there is sufficient skilled workforce in order to meet the demand of contract operations. Economical Fuel Costs — Due to the nature of the companies business any fluctuation in fuel costs will have a major influence on the business. The company currently has 40 vehicles on the road which travel all around the Yorkshire, Humberside and Lincolnshire regions.

This means that travel costs impact upon all jobs and it is important to keep an up to date record on all expenditure. A vehicle schedule is updated on a weekly basis which analyses all vehicle mileage and fuel costs.

This schedule is used to charge out mileage costs on jobs allowing the company to recover a percentage of its fuel overheads. Fuel is also used to power site plant and equipment, therefore if fuel costs were to spiral it may be worth looking at alternative forms of fuel such as gas and electricity.

Monetary Change — As there are no long term plans for buying systems any UK monetary change in the market should not significantly affect the company. Interest Rates — Fixed interest rates means that any fluctuation will not affect the company directly. There could be cost benefits to the company by subcontracting labour.

However it is important to make sure that the workforce are fully trained and will work to the deadlines of the job in an efficient and effective manor.Student financial services at St.

Bonaventure University including the billing and collection of student fees are coordinated by the business office. SBU has been selected as one of America's Best Christian Colleges. Southwest Baptist University prepares students to be servant leaders in a global society.

The nation’s first Franciscan university where students are becoming extraordinary. Machinery, Equipment & Infrastructure Business Plan. Executive Vice President, President and CEO, Machinery, Equipment & Infrastructure SBU’s characteristic.

Business strengthening through the initiatives by Business Plan (FY ~FY) Business Plan (FY ~FY). A strategic business unit, popularly known as SBU, is a fully-functional unit of a business that has its own vision and direction. Typically, a strategic business unit operates as a separate unit, but it is also an important part of the company.

Business Plan Summary: Business Plan Summary 1. To maintain and consolidate the turnover To review the method of tendering and increase the client base with more framework type contracts. To broaden the companies scope of works To retain the current client base.

To improve client relationship.. To communicate company requirements to employees clearly setting out targets.

Strategic planning process within business units