I am interested in surgery for

Follow Medic8Health I am interested in nose reshaping surgery rhinoplasty what do I do next?

I am interested in surgery for

While taking a research project from inception to publication can seem like a daunting task it is certainly something almost any student or resident can do. I find that one of the major reasons for someone who is interested in research but is unable to do so is the inertia associated with pursuing something unfamiliar.

I will use a large dataset analysis as an example. Once you go through one of these projects you will have the skills and knowledge to do a vast array of research projects.

Also, large dataset research is ideally suited for students and trainees with limited time. Extensive chart reviews are not required and for the most part you can work on your own time.

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First and foremost, as a medical student, resident or fellow further formal training in research is not a necessity to be able to conduct and publish a decent and valuable outcomes study. Do not undervalue what you have already learned consciously or subconsciously through classes, seminars, grand rounds, talks, journal clubs etc.

The only pre-requisites are the three Ps — Patience, Perseverance, and Persistence. You either gain the rest as you go along or you utilize help from people around you.

I am interested in surgery for

Step 1 — The research idea Even though this often seems like the hardest part, it really is not. Keep your eyes open to your daily observations and your mind open to curiosity and research ideas will appear on their own. The real problem is in figuring out whether it is feasible and will add to the body of literature.

Here is where experience is helpful and in lieu of that — talking to a colleague or mentor will often lead you in the right direction. One general principle is to refine your idea in to something that is comparative rather than descriptive, for example do not ask what the incidence of ureteral injury is after a laparoscopic sigmoid colectomy, ask if ureteral injury is more likely if the surgery is done laparoscopically or open, among obese versus non-obese patients, or for inflammatory conditions versus malignant ones etcetera.

At this stage also begin thinking about which meeting you want to submit your abstract to. Unfortunately, with all our clinical responsibilities it is very easy to keep putting things off. A hard deadline like an abstract submission deadline will goad your project to completion.

You can find out about abstract deadlines by talking to your mentors or searching for important meetings in that specialty and looking at when the last years abstract deadline was.

Almost invariably the deadline is about the same time every year. The Academic Surgical Congress is an excellent place to submit your research to — abstract deadline is in near the end of August of every year.

Your deadline for the abstract first draft should be one month before abstract deadline.

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Step 2 — Literature search This often goes along with step 1 and not really after it. While you are pondering over your research question the first thing you need to do is to try and answer the question yourself.

Read your books and search the literature. Make sure your search is exhaustive — you do not want to spend substantial time and effort only to realize that your research was already done last year, in fact done better.

A proper literature search should take substantial time, it is the single most important aspect of your research and this is not the time to cut corners.I am very interested in veterinary surgery and am seriously considering it as a career.

I am starting in year 10 at - Answered by a verified Veterinarian We use cookies . I am interested in mitral valve repair and replacement, aortic valve surgery, aortic root surgery, aortic surgery, maze procedure, surgery for ventricular remodeling, TMR, adult and pediatric cardiac transplantation, thoracic- abdominal aneurysm surgery and lung transplantation.

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I am interested in hand surgery, upper extremity reconstructive surgery, limb preservation and replantation surgery. While focusing on hand surgery, I cover all elements of plastic surgery, including breast surgery (augmentation, reduction, reconstruction), plastic surgery of the head and neck, lower extremity reconstruction, massive weight loss surgery (body contouring), pressure ulcers, and.

I am interested in nose reshaping surgery (rhinoplasty) what do I do next? You may be thinking of cosmetic surgery here in the UK or overseas but whatever you decide please think about it very carefully.

Do your research with the aim of knowing as much as you can about this procedure. Read through articles, papers etc.

I am interested in breast reduction surgery what do I do next?