Boeing 707

The Boeing is an American four-engine commercial passenger jet airliner developed by Boeing in the early s. Its name is most commonly spoken as "Seven Oh Seven".

Boeing 707

The company had produced innovative and important bombers, from the B Flying Fortress and B Superfortressto the jet-powered B Stratojet and B Stratofortress. The company's civil aviation department lagged far behind Douglas and other competitors, the only noteworthy airliners being the Boeing Clipper and Stratoliner.

During —, Boeing embarked on studies for a new jet Boeing 707, realizing that any design must be aimed at both the military and civilian markets.

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At the time, aerial refueling was becoming a standard technique for military aircraft, with over KC Stratofreighters on order. With the advent of the Jet Agea new tanker was required to meet the USAF's fleet of jet-powered bombers; this was where Boeing's new design would potentially win military orders.

The "Dash 80" took less than two years Boeing 707 project launch in to rollout on May 14,then first flew on July 15, The prototype was a proof-of-concept aircraft for both military and civilian use.

Whether the passenger would be profitable was far from certain. At the time, Boeing was making nearly all of its money from military contracts: From left to right: Gannett were awarded the first Iven C.

Kincheloe Award for the test flights that led to certification.

Boeing 707

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. December Learn how and when to remove this template message The initial standard model was the with JT3C turbojet engines.

These modifications also aided in the mitigation of Dutch roll by providing more stability in yaw. JT3D-engined s and s were denoted with a "B" suffix.

The final variant was the C, C for "Convertible"which had a large fuselage door for cargo. It had a revised wing with three-sectioned leading-edge flaps, improving takeoff and landing performance and allowing the ventral fin to be removed although the taller fin was retained.

Production of the passenger ended in In total, 1, s were built for civilian use, though many of these found their way to military service.

The production line remained open for purpose-built military variants untilwith the last new-build airframes built as E-3 and E-6 aircraft. Traces of the are still found in thewhich uses a modified version of the 's fuselage, as well as the same external nose and cockpit configurations as those of the These were also used on the previouswhile the also used the fuselage cross-section.

Boeing already had considerable experience with this on the B and B, and had developed the yaw damper system on the B that would be applied to later swept-wing configurations like the However, many novice pilots had no experience with this phenomenon, as they were transitioning from straight-wing propeller-driven aircraft such as the Douglas DC-7 and Lockheed Constellation.

On one customer-acceptance flight, where the yaw damper was turned off to familiarize the new pilots with flying techniques, a trainee pilot's actions violently exacerbated the Dutch roll motion and caused three of the four engines to be torn from the wings.

The plane, a brand newN, destined for Braniff, crash-landed on a river bed north of Seattle at Arlington, Washingtonkilling four of the eight occupants.

As the aircraft's movements did not cease and most of the passengers became ill, he suspected a misrigging of the directional autopilot yaw damper. He went to the cockpit and found the crew unable to understand and resolve the situation.The Boeing is a four-engine narrow-body short- to medium-range passenger jet initiativeblog.comped by Boeing in the late s from the Boeing , the has a shorter fuselage and a shorter range.

Share this Rating. Title: Boeing, Boeing () / Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Use the HTML below. Boeing management was said to have “bet the company” on the idea that the future of commercial travel was the jet transport.

The bet paid off with the pioneering In this film, Tony Curtis plays an American journalist living in Paris; Jerry Lewis is his goonish buddy.

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Partial to stewardesses, Curtis manages to Category: Comedy. Boeing Listed below are PSI's Instrument and Avionic capabilities for the Boeing To request a price or availability, please call us or submit our quote request form.

Boeing 707

Boeing, the oldest major aircraft manufacturer, entered the jet airliner business third, after the British and Russians. Success long eluded Boeing in the art and science of building and selling airliners (non-military airplanes for commercial air travel) at a profit.

Beginning in with the.

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