An analysis of the moat obvious circumstances affecting ethans life

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An analysis of the moat obvious circumstances affecting ethans life

A cypher is a group performance where rappers take turns performing improvised verses. Freestyling is to rap what jam sessions are to jazz: I chose the cypher as the subject of ethnographic study because it crystallizes so much of what I love about rap generally.

Freestyle rap in particular is an underappreciated art. I have heard a demoralizingly large number of musicians and educators opine that rap is not music at all. While I do not believe that rap needs academic validation, it is important to me that my fellow educators understand and appreciate the beauty of this music, so if they will not embrace it, they might at least do less to impede it.

Few rap haters will admit to being motivated by racial or class animus. Along with electronic dance music, rap in its instrumental aspect is the most repetitive popular form in American history, and schooled musicians are socialized to be contemptuous of repetition McClary Improvisation likewise has a low status in academic settings, because spontaneous musical expression supposedly has less significance than composed works Nettl3.

However, closer engagement with improvised rap quickly reveals its depth. Only by evaluating the music by its own value system can we recognize its beauty. The former view resembles social science or Marxist theory, while the latter is more like literary description of individual experience.

I will argue that rap is ordered and limited by strict musical conventions, but that these conventions are optimized to promote elaborative and liberating expression. In the cypher discussed below, the emcees make their personalities and identities felt immediately and strongly.

In so doing, they deploy impressive musical and verbal skill with seeming effortlessness. A note about terminology: Strictly speaking, rap and hip-hop are not the same thing. Rap is a style of music, while hip-hop is a culture or aesthetic, one component of which is rap music. There can be hip-hop music without rapping, for example, in turntablism or the instrumental albums of DJ Shadow.

Conversely, many genres of music predating hip-hop have used rap, including blues, jazz, soul, country, and rock. Nevertheless, when referring to contemporary mainstream music, rap and hip-hop are effectively coextensive. My musical life has taken place within the Afrodiasporic traditions that gave rise to hip-hop: I have produced a little hip-hop, too, and done a very small amount of rapping.

An analysis of the moat obvious circumstances affecting ethans life

I grew up in New York City, and do not remember a time when I was not at least passively hearing rap around me. However, I am very much an outsider in hip-hop settings, due to a combination of my race, class, age, and sensibilities. This is true in a literal sense—they happen in my workplace, sometimes in my shared office.

I am less at home in the metaphorical sense. I am knowledgeable enough about rap to be able to have a conversation about it, and enthusiastic enough as a fan to be able to cross social divides.

The participants are friendly toward me, and the regulars greet me warmly with handshakes, fist bumps, and hugs.

But I am self-conscious about being a novice and a tourist, about being wack and corny. This is no false modesty on my part: I have more privilege than the CORE kids in every respect except in terms of coolness.

Without exception, all of the kids are cooler than me, and at least outwardly are correspondingly more confident. For this reason, when I am present for a cypher, I am simultaneously thrilled and terrified by the prospect of getting up and spitting a verse.

I did beatbox for a freestyle by one of the CORE mentors during a conference presentation, but I have otherwise kept my own musicality to myself among the participants. CORE Music NYC is a creative network of support rooted in the shared valuing of freedom, innovation, community, honest expression and the music cultures that inspire us.

The name, chosen by the participants, seems like it might be an acronym, but it does not stand for anything.Conducting a personal SWOT analysis is a fun way of getting to know yourself and analyzing your situation all in itself.

But what counts much more is building a life strategy and a decision-making system based on the conducted SWOT analysis. The process of looking carefully at your life values and establishing clear priorities may force you to make some conscious tradeoffs you've been avoiding, particularly when you compare what your top value priorities are with the values you are actually spending most of your time pursuing today.

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As I get older, I have become more confident, but when I was younger I was desperately awkward and socially anxious, and that part. Character Analysis Ethan is our tragic hero, a man of many faces. He lives with two women, his wife and his wife's cousin, with whom he was (and maybe still is) in love.

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