America has to be economically stable in the future

Explore the latest strategic trends, research and analysis According to the latest World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Reportin order to keep up the positive economic momentum of recent years and boost competitiveness, Latin America and the Caribbean need to implement further structural reforms and strengthen investment in infrastructure, skills development and innovation. The report, which covers economies and ranks them on 12 key measures that influence competitiveness, finds that productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean remains low.

America has to be economically stable in the future

But while we focus on how that decline started and who is to blamewe often forget to consider what happens if our middle class is wiped out entirely.

As history and nature both show us, working for the collective good is essential to a functioning democracy, and the natural outcome of that work is a strong and vibrant middle class. The most ancient form of democracy is found among virtually all indigenous peoples of the world.

There are no rich and no poor among most tribal people: The concept of chief is one that Europeans brought with them to America, which in large part is what produced so much confusion in the s and s as most Native American tribes would never delegate absolute authority to any one person to sign a treaty.

Instead decisions were made by consensus in these most ancient cauldrons of democracy. Much of the U.

America has to be economically stable in the future

Constitution is based on the Iroquois Confederacy: It was a democracy with elected representatives, an upper and lower house, and a supreme court made up entirely of women, who held final say in five of the six tribes. As Benjamin Franklin noted to his contemporaries at the Constitutional Convention: That first American middle class was a far cry from the s stereotype that is often referenced in discussions of the ideal middle-income lifestyle.

But that early middle class was still a distinct and separate segment of the population from the ruling elites who held great fortunes or the servant class who were considered nothing more than property. For the first time in modern history, that middle group of individuals had a voice and power, and they helped shape our young democracy.

Back in Europe, however, the sort of democracy the framers were borrowing and inventing, and even the existence of a middle class itself, was considered unnatural. Throughout most of the history of what we call civilization, an unrestrained economy and the idea of hierarchical social organization has always produced a small ruling elite and a large number of nearly impoverished workers.

America: This Is Your Future

Up until the founding of America, the middle class was considered unnatural by many political philosophers. Without a strong and iron-fisted ruler, Hobbes wrote, there would be "no place for industry For the working class to have both freedom and security, Hobbes suggested, was impossible.

They believed in the rights of ordinary people to self-determination, so they created a form of government in which We the People rule. They declared that all people, not just the elite, have the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

They believed that the people could create a country founded on personal freedom and economic opportunity for all. The Founders believed in the power of a middle class; and in defiance of Hobbes and the conventional wisdom of Europe, they believed democracy and a middle class were the "natural state of man.VOICE OF DEMOCRACY essays Americas role for the next century will be to stay economically stable.

That will be no problem unless something disastrous will happen like another Stock Market crash or Nuclear Holocaust. America in the future also needs to increase peace to every nation in the world.


Socioeconomic mobility in the United States refers to the upward or downward movement of Americans These findings have led researchers to conclude that "opportunity structures create and determine future generations' chances for success.

and the population at top income levels in America "very stable" and had "not mitigated the . America Slips in the Eyes of the World Donald Trump’s first year as president rattles world’s confidence, while quiet, stable Switzerland remains the No.

1 country. By Kevin Drew Assistant. There's a Dark Future for America Coming If We Let the Middle Class Disappear.

America has to be economically stable in the future

stable, well-educated middle class—such as Egypt, Iraq, Iran, and the Palestinian territories—the result is. America: This Is Your Future.

remain economically vibrant, or will new growth cities emerge, in other parts of the country? The number of white senior citizens will remain stable, while. Dec 06,  · Future historians are likely to identify the Bush administration’s rash invasion of Iraq in that year as the start of America's downfall.

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