A paper on germs and how they spread

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A paper on germs and how they spread

Share this article via email Share this article via flipboard Copy link Shares Air hand dryers should be banned from hospital toilets because they spread more germs than disposable paper towels, scientists say.

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Following a study carried out in three hospitals, it was revealed that using paper towels significantly reduces the risk of germs being spread between sick patients. Surprisingly, high levels of dangerous bacteria that causes blood poisoning, pneumonia and gastroenteritis existed when dryers were used.

Shutterstock Writing in the Journal of Hospital Infection, researchers argued that official guidance about how to prevent bacterial contamination in hospital buildings needs to be strengthened. Scientists said the problem lies in people not washing their hands properly — meaning microbes get blown off by jet air dryers and spread around the room.

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However, this is not because of the risks they pose for cross contamination, but because they are noisy. Advertisement Advertisement Mark Wilcox, an expert in medical microbiology at the University of Leeds who supervised the international study, said that given the new evidence, the guidance needs to focus on the infection risks.

When people use a jet air dryer, the microbes get blown off and spread around the toilet room. Using paper towels significantly reduces the risk of germs being spread between sick patients, scientists say Picture: However, paper towels absorb the water and microbes left on the hands and if they are disposed of properly, there is less potential for cross-contamination.

Each of the toilets had paper towel dispensers and jet air dryers, but only one of these was in use on any given day. On each day, over 12 weeks, levels of bacterial contamination in the toilets were measured, allowing comparisons to be made when either paper towels or jet air dryers were in use.

Samples were taken from the floors, air and surfaces in each of the toilets.

A paper on germs and how they spread

Advertisement Advertisement The main target bacteria were Enterobacteria including Escherichia coli or E. High levels of dangerous bacteria that causes blood poisoning, pneumonia and gastroenteritis existed when dryers were used Picture: Getty They also looked for Staphylococcus aureus, which is responsible for a range of conditions, from minor skin and wound infections to life-threatening septicaemia.

Across the three hospitals, bacterial counts were significantly higher in the toilets on the days that jet air dryers were in use. In Leeds and Paris, at least five times more bacteria were recovered from the floors when jet-air dryers were in use, compared with paper towels.

In Leeds, Staphylococcus aureus including MRSA was found three times more often and in higher amounts on the surface of the jet air dryers compared with the paper towel dispensers.

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Children made to cycle at their desks to combat obesity Significantly more enterococci and multi-drug resistant bacteria were recovered from either the floors or dust in the toilets when the jet air dryers rather than paper towels were in use.

In Italy, researchers found significantly fewer bacteria on the surface of paper towel dispensers compared with the jet air dryers, although no significant difference on the floors.

A paper on germs and how they spread

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Do they really even stop the spread of germs? Well, we can’t say it’s a bad question, but first, what kind of germs would paper toilet seat covers actually prevent? A Look at Germs Paper Toilet Seat Covers Can Deflect.

So what kind of germs . Flu germs also are spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs, and then touches their eyes, nose or mouth.

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Flu germs can live for hours on surfaces like doorknobs, desks and tables. Tork Washroom Products includes Paper Hand Towels, Paper Towel Dispensers, Toilet Paper, Soap and soap dispensers, Industrial wipes and cloths. This science fair project idea determines how quickly germs and bacteria spread.

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